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It’s more than a monthly box of crystals, It’s a journey!

The Bringing Spirituality Home monthly collection supports you in creating a deeper connection with your heart. You’ll receive intentional treasures each month to strengthen your foundation as you explore what spirituality means for you.

Every month’s collection will be mailed to your home plus you’ll receive access to the membership site for $66 per month (auto-renews).  *shipping currently only available to US & Canadian addresses. 

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Each month you’ll receive 5-8 traditional and modern spiritual items that have been specially selected to propel you to spiritual wellness.

  • We’ll ship your first box the next business day after you order.
  • Future boxes ship on the 15th of the month
  • Receive discounts and bonuses for prepaying for a 3 month subscription
  • Cancel anytime
  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • $10 per month shipping to Canada


We’ve searched high and low to find you treasures that will support you to create a deeper mind, body and spirit connection.

  • Energetic Crystals
  • Yoga items
  • Spiritual gifts and tools
  • Specialty Teas & Healthy Fare
  • Body Care products
  • Inspirational items
  • Jewelry
  • Unique Card Decks


In addition to treasures delivered to your door you’ll receive new classes and resources delivered to you via our online membership site.

  • Members only online access to classes
  • New yoga sequences to strengthen your at home practice
  • Guided meditation and breath work practices
  • Handouts, guidebooks and other educational material
  • Challenges to deepen your spiritual journey
  • Sacred Sunday members only monthly call

It’s time to come home to you!

$66 Monthly















Move forward on your journey today!

$66 Monthly

Delivery in the US & Canada

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Cancel Anytime

It’s time to move from surviving to thriving!




Each month’s treasures are specially selected as part of the journey to guide you through your spiritual growth.

The offerings, delivered to your door and available through the membership site, are intended to empower you to connect deeper to your heart, soul, and intuition. During the six-month program, we’ll focus on nurturing your soul, creating a Sacred space to house your daily practice, and learning to honor the traditions that are part of your life’s routines.


Immerse your mind and soul through the membership site and monthly community calls.

The journey to spiritual wellness is a long and winding road that can sometimes feel very lonely. It is our intention to create a community where we can come together and share our experience, strength, and hope. Through the membership site, you’ll gain new knowledge that will support you in engaging more actively in life. Join us monthly for our members-only live Sacred Sunday community call, where we’ll have deeper conversations and make new friends.


Deepen your connection to the spiritual tools you use by learning the history and tradition behind them.

As part of our mission to make spirituality accessible, there are educational materials and resources that will teach you how and why to use crystals, talismans, and other items included in your monthly collections. Plus, explore and learn about new ones you may not have incorporated into your journey as of yet.

Connect deeper with your heart and soul starting today!

$66 Monthly

What Customers Are Saying

What a great tool to support my ongoing journey of being more mindful and intentional with my thoughts and my body.” ~Dina W.


I just want to say that I think the quality and thoughtfulness of your wares are very impressive.” ~Judy K.

Cris was WONDERFUL! Super fast and paid attention to the little detail and extremely responsive. The gift I got beyond met my expectations and I will definitely use this shop in the future.” ~ Katie

Omgosh!!! I just received these beautiful cards, and they are beyond exquisite! The amazing energy & love jumped out at me! Packaging, customer communication & the personal note….. wow! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍 I can’t wait to deeply bond with this lovely deck.” 

Our Products

Grounding Journey has a variety of items and offerings created to offer you a way to understand your chakras, learn more about crystals and make meditating and creating your sacred space fun and joyous.

For me, getting to know myself meant diving deeper into my spirituality. I had learned so much over the years about crystals, essential oils, meditation and yoga. I was using all those tools to support me in my daily life, but I didn’t have a deep connection to why they were the tools I was using. I just knew they supported me and I felt better when I used them. I began to see they too are a part of me and to know me, I needed to know more about the tools I used.

Bringing spirituality home began to have a deeper meaning. I was bringing spirituality into me, I am my home. My body is the temple that holds my soul here on earth. While I fought with self image as most of us do and never really loved my body, as I began to realize my body is my home things changed and shifted for me. I began to stop looking at my body and began focusing on things that made me feel fulfilled.

It is my hope through showing you the tools and things I’ve learned along the way that you will begin to bring spirituality home – internally and externally.

Through our 6 month journey together we’ll create a daily practice for you that leaves you feeling fulfilled and connected to you again. No more setting lofty goals that you don’t succeed in and feel worse about yourself. We’ll clear the clutter in your mind and home to create sacred spaces you can return to time and time again to connect with peace in your heart. Once you’ve prepared your home we’ll start working with the chakras to move stuck energy that has been blocking you and holding you back. With a clear home and flowing energy you’ll learn to connect with your intuition and begin building trust in yourself on a level deeper than you’ve ever felt. After our time together you’ll have the tools and know how to integrate them into your daily experiences.