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I love to learn and explore new healing modalities. However, there are so many in the world it can be overwhelming to learn them all and even more so to find a practitioner you trust. So, I’ve gathered together a few of my favorite practitioners to offer you a special bonus for any purchase from the Grounding Journey store. My intention is to simplify the learning process for you while giving you practitioners that I love and trust. Once you have purchased your product, come back here to claim your Bonuses!

Numerology Workshop

Do you know your ruling number? Do you even know what a ruling number is or why you would want to know your ruling number?

My friend Andrea Alldredge has prepared a special workshop as a bonus for you to guide you through calculating your number, how to use it to guide you through life and how to understand the connection to your purpose through your number.

Coloring Book

Destress and let your inner child come out to play!

EFT Tapping

One of my FAVORITE transformative tools for reducing stress, transforming emotions, and changing limiting beliefs is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping).  

EFT works by focusing on your thoughts and emotions while stimulating (gently tapping) acupressure points on your face, upper body, and hands that send activating and deactivating signals to the brain.

The beauty about EFT is that it’s not only used to release negative emotions, but also to fill you with positive ones.  It helps you to anchor in the thoughts and feelings that are of highest service to you.

This brings me to my special gift for you!

My Friend DIna, created a Morning Tapping Script to start your day in an EMPOWERING way!  

Claim Your Bonuses!

After you’ve visited the Grounding Journey Etsy Shop and made your purchase, return here, enter your order info, and I’ll email you access to all the Bonuses!

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