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Hi!  I’m Dina Weiss, Certified Tapping for Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coach.  I am a recovering emotional eater who struggled for decades with cravings, overeating, and self-judgment.  I ended my battle with food, self-sabotage, and weight and am highly passionate about my mission to help women:

  • Understand the emotional root causes that have held them back from releasing weight and keeping it off;
  • Strengthen their emotional resilience by empowering them with deeply transformative tools;
  • End self-sabotage and emotional eating; and
  • Feel confident and happy about the way they look, live, and express themselves!

One of my FAVORITE transformative tools for reducing stress, transforming emotions, and changing limiting beliefs is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping).  

EFT works by focusing on your thoughts and emotions while stimulating (gently tapping) acupressure points on your face, upper body, and hands that send activating and deactivating signals to the brain.

The beauty about EFT is that it’s not only used to release negative emotions, but also to fill you with positive ones.  It helps you to anchor in the thoughts and feelings that are of highest service to you.

This brings me to my special gift for you!

Each day, we have the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate.  As my mentor, Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.”

I’ve created a Morning Tapping Script to start your day in an EMPOWERING way!  

I’d love to hear about your experience with the script!  Please contact me with your feedback at dina@mind-bodyweightrelease.com. 

Happy Tapping!

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