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The Chakras

What do you know about the chakras? Have you heard the term in yoga class or when listening to a guided meditation, but not really understood them. Maybe you know that they are the 7 main energy centers in your body. You’ve been told there is a color and specific energy that connects to each center, but that’s the limit of your knowledge.

I get it, they can be a little confusing. It’s taken me years of study to connect in a way that what color I wear supports me. Over my exploration of the chakras I have begun to understand that the foods I eat or yoga poses I practice support the energy I’m seeking for the day.

Until the last few years the chakras were something I thought about in meditation, when I was playing with crystals, but not when I was asking my guides for support in my day. I started really noticing the energy of the earth, society and myself. I realized that each decade the world seems to be processing through the earth’s chakras. I started to connect that my own journey and years were being led by the theme of a chakra and its energy.

That piqued my interest. It got me paying attention. I decided to dedicate a series of blogs and podcasts to share with you what I have learned along the way.

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2. Start here with the basics about chakras and go where you feel is right for you.

Energy Blocks

Feeling a little low or just too much? It may be an energy block you haven’t been listening to in your body. So before we begin the Chakra Series, I wanted to take a chance to talk about energy blocks, how to recognize them and what to do to shift the energy to a higher vibration.
You pick how you want to learn.

Read my blog or Listen to the Grounding Journey podcast

Color Theory

If color intrigues you, then you’ll love what Mara Marchesi shares -What’s your birth color? During this episode Mara shares the complexity of what color therapy offers. It goes deeper than just the chakras and their meanings. We also explore leaning into your curiosity, as well as hearing, recognizing, and acting on your intuition (After all, Mara is the Intuition Queen). This is an episode you don’t wanna miss. Listen Now

The Journey Into The Chakras

The journey into the chakras can be as deep as you want. Just know once you start, it becomes a part of you. It connects you and explains so much! Anne-Margaret & I chat about her journey into the chakra systems over the years, her evolution & what keeps her coming back for more. Listen Now



Root Chakra

Have you been feeling disconnected lately? Maybe not spending as much time outside. Disconnected from yourself, mother nature, your life?

It could be a block in your root chakra.
Our root chakra, Muladhara, is where we find our connection to earth, along with the safety and security of our roots, both literally and metaphorically. (plus a whole lot more)

Read more about the root chakra on my blog

Listen to the conversation with my guest, Amanda Monnier, and I chat about our journey to find our OWN safety and comfort as adults by growing to create a strong root foundation.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral is all about pleasure… yes sexuality but also pleasure in life, feeling light and free and creative!

All things I struggle with and I’m willing to bet, lots of other souls do too. Maybe you experience the other end of the spectrum – very emotional or irritable. Yep that’s part of a sacral imbalance too. It’s not just hormones, I promise.

Read more about creativity and playfulness and how they support you in clearing your sacral chakra in my blog

Creating self-transformation comes from being in flow and the sacral chakra. Natalie Bitton and I chat about our journey to learn to flow with life and all it brings. Listen Now

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is where fire in your soul resides. We look around at midlife (or sooner if you’re lucky and aware) trying to reprogram our fears, let go of ego and learn to allow our passion to lead us to our purpose. That’s big work!

Read more about when our solar plexus is formed and why it’s so important we let go of limiting beliefs in my blog.

Stepping into your purpose and passion becomes easier when you listen and allow yourself to be guided by the Solar Plexus Chakra. Dreana Nealon and I chat about how the signs our body and spirit give us to connect to the third energy center. Listen Now

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the center of our soul, where the earth (lower) chakras meet our upper chakras in the body.

Having an open and compassionate heart in today’s world (ok any time in human history) is a challenge. Yet, that is why you are here in this life, at this moment, reading this post because you are here to open your heart, to be led by your heart and to share love with others.

The explanation of heart work is really easy to understand yet harder to comprehend the steps to practice love and compassion.

Read more of my thoughts about the magic and beauty of the heart chakra journey

Heart opening is a journey that is well worth the challenge as Melanie Wood shares about her experience of getting curious in the face of fear, surrendering to the opening, and using meditation and the Heartmath process to do the work of opening her heart and time LOTS and Lots of time. Listen Now

Throat Chakra

Often we think that having a clear and open throat chakra is about speaking your mind, speaking up and being heard… but what if a clear throat chakra is about listening to your spirit and expressing what your spirit needs, what your authentic self desires? 

The throat chakra is connected also to our ears, to being able to listen.

Throat chakra was really important to me in a recent experience of listening to what I needed and being able to share that. I hope you find some guidance through my experience – read about it on my blog.

Expressing yourself can be tough! A clear throat chakra isn’t being able to speak in public. It’s listening to your heart, being comfortable being you in your solar plexus, following your sacral’s desires, and knowing how to claim your space in the world. Liz Phillips and I chat about the journey to do just that in an episode of the Grounding Journey podcast. Listen Now

Third Eye Chakra

Connecting with the intuition of your third eye chakra is more than sensing your driving too fast and should slow down only to drive a mile down the road and see a cop checking for speeders.

Understanding the third eye energy is connecting to your inner wisdom. It’s trusting yourself to ask your spirit and heart what she needs and believing the answer you feel or hear is your answer.

Trust is a practice we build and strengthen over time.

I share more with you about learning to trust your intuition and yourself in my blog about the third eye.

The third eye and intuition sounds big. I chatted with Jihan Marcotullio, about trusting your own inner wisdom. An open third eye can be as simple as listening to the whispers of your soul and trusting that what you hear and feel is where you’re being guided instead of having a vast spiritual experience. Listen Now

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located just above the top of your head. You’ll see it represented in either white or brilliant purple color.

Many believe that through the crown you are able to connect to the Divine, your higher power. But it goes a little deeper than that… when you awaken your body through movement or meditation practice, consciously open your heart through expansion, and connect with your wisdom, you connect with the Divine.

The deeper you journey into the crown, the understanding that you are not only connected to the Divine, but the Divine resides inside of you reveals itself in a way that you can never forget.

Want to read more? You’ll find it on my blog.

In the final installment of the chakras podcast I do a solo episode, I’d love you to listen in.

We're at the top.

Thanks for joining me on the journey through the chakras. The crown chakra is most open and flowing when all the other chakras are aligned and clear. I’m the kind of soul who starts at the root and works to my crown, although my soul sister lives in her crown and has to work her way down to the root. Whichever place you start, it’s just great that you begin and move through them. Remember that when you reach the crown or root, you’re not done. You can move from the crown right into the root or go back down to the third eye to keep flowing. I like to move in a circular pattern from crown to root.

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