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I’m Cris

I’m a student of the world, finding my own path and helping others along the way. I’ve been using Meditation, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and aromatherapy to light the way for almost 20 years. 

My love of books has helped form my beliefs and discover different modalities by taking what resonates with me from every book I’ve read and leaving what doesn’t.

When I’m not cuddled up at home with my dog and cat, a good book, and a glass of wine, I’m often traipsing around foreign lands with Matthew and Kevin, my husband and son, exploring and learning from different cultures and beliefs systems.  

I started a podcast in 2020 – Grounding Journey, The deeper conversations you’ve been seeking as a way to connect with other souls on a similar spiritual journey. 

The podcast led me to creating a product line of yoga cards, crystal sets and meditation kits. All in the hope to make connecting deeper to your spirituality a fun journey.