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Heart Chakra is where the earth (lower) chakras meet our upper chakras in the body. Having an open and compassionate heart in today’s world (ok any time in human history) is a challenge. Yet, that is why you are here in this life, at this moment, reading this post because you are here to open your heart, to be led by your heart and to share love with others.

The explanation of heart work is really easy to understand yet harder to comprehend the steps to practice love and compassion. I have found in my life that as soon as I start really leaning into compassion and open heartedness everything around me asks the question “how devoted to an open heart am I?”

And truthfully each time I ask myself the same question.

So I ask you now, how willing are you to suffer pain and heartache to have an open heart? Does it help any that I promise along with the pain there is beauty, magic, joy and so much more?

It’s a funny paradigm that we crave love, yet fear it at the same time. We want to be loved and accepted and fear opening our heart to others.

Love is a natural state of being. It is a universal life force (energy). We come to this life with lots and lots of pure love (think babies, puppies and kittens and you’ll know what I mean). Love is limitless and never ending… until you mix in the human emotions.

Fear of scarcity blocks us from feeling all the love that is ours to receive from the universe. We fear it will run out so we either focus all our energy on offering love to others and leave nothing for ourselves. Flip side we fear there is not enough and we keep it all for ourself instead of sharing love with others.

The thing is the more love we offer (to yourself and others) the more we find. The more love we send out to the world and those around us the more we receive, often tenfold.

Think of this… When you’re having a bad day, but smile at someone walking through the office or grocery store anyway, don’t you start to feel better, happier and even more loved because they smiled back at you? What we offer, we receive back.

Let’s clear this up while we’re talking about love. Unconditional love doesn’t mean unconditional approval. It means unconditional acceptance. You can love the sinner, but hate the sin. There’s no need to approve of every action, just try to remember to offer compassion in the form of love — nonjudgement.

When working to open your heart chakra I recommend you have done some work to clear the lower chakras. The energy from your lower chakras moves up in your body to meet your upper chakras in your heart space. Therefore if your lower chakras still have stagnant energy that taints the energy brought into your heart. Insecurity from the root creates distrust and control in the heart. Inability to let go and be in flow in the sacral creates control and obsession in the heart. Ego from the solar plexus confuses love with possession.

As we move up a clear heart allows you to share your voice authentically in the throat. Trust your guidance in the third eye and connect with the divine of the crown. It’s so intertwined and interrelated. The chakras are not where energy is created. Energy has no beginning or end. The chakras are more like a dam. It is where the water (energy) is regulated to control the flow throughout.

In my experience of heart work I have found it is about softening. Softening your bodies. Softening your judgment — that means of yourself and others. As well as softening your stance on people and topics.

In our daily lives we build tension in our bodies. Tight shoulders working on our computer all day. Slouched body posture from driving. Playing on our phone or binge watching netflix rolls our shoulders in. All of these physical movements add to an already closed energetic heart chakra.

Being mindful of movement and posture helps with softening. Paying attention to the nervous system also helps release tension in the body. I love forward folds in my yoga practice along with meditation to support calming my nervous system and releasing stress from my body. I also practice backbends and spin lengthening poses to open the heart space.

One of the most powerful ways to soften your body while calming your nervous system is breathwork. BONUS is you can utilize a breath practice anywhere you are without any special equipment, the proper clothes or even much time.

Breath is a way to let go or energize you based on your needs making it dual purpose! More bonus points for breathwork!

Long inhales will energize your nervous system. While slow deep exhales will calm your nervous system allowing for energy to be released. Each conscious inhale you take expands your diaphragm allowing room for universal love. Since you’re being purposeful with your breath try being mindful with your inhale and breathe in all the universal love that is your birthright.

Conscious breathing makes room for softening. When we soften we are able to find more love for ourselves as well as others.

Here’s another thing about an open heart that gets overlooked. It’s not just about loving yourself and others, try allowing others to love you. It’s again the yin and yang of energy when we offer love, we should be open to receive it.

That’s where beauty and magic come into play. Allowing the ebb and flow of love. Being open.

It’s hard (I get it). I’ve spent the last two years really focused on heart opening and I can promise without a doubt the work is hands down worth it!

So how will you answer the question when the universe ask

Are you willing to open your heart to all?

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