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I am struggling.

When I joined a meditation group recently I joined for two reasons because I knew I was ready for a big transformation and I needed the love and support of others to do it, to follow through with my commitment to myself.

It was comfortable in the beginning. Creating the time and space to dedicate to my practice took a little maneuvering, but I wanted it, so I did it.

Now things are hard.

It’s getting uncomfortable.

The change is here.

It’s time for my evolution.

In the past, when it got this uncomfortable, I would back off I would create excuses for myself. I would tell myself it was ok to get distracted and not follow through. That maybe now wasn’t the right time, perhaps I am not ready, and I would know when I was ready.

Not this time.

I hear my soul saying it’s time. I’M READY.

It’s time to allow the uncomfortableness to wash over me.

To sit in it, knowing that there is something to learn. There is transformation and new insight to gain.


Damm, this is uncomfortable and hard.

Here I am doing the work. Staying on the path. Frustrated. Uncomfortable. Questioning.

While still believing.
Having faith.
Moving forward.
Staying the course.

And (not) loving every uncomfortable moment because I know this is my quest. The enlightenment. My transformation.

I share my space today for you, my friend, who is feeling uncomfortable.

Who wonders why you are where you are.

Who is comparing your struggle to other’s wins.

I am with you. I am struggling. I am not backing off.

Let’s push through this together.



Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash