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Creative Space Collection



Your office or creative space is often your home away from home as you regularly spend more awake time there than at home. Crystals can enhance and protect the vibration of your space. If you work from home, gridding your office is a way to keep work energy from seeping into your home.  

When placed in the four corners of your office or the creative area of your home, Orange Selenite has the same characteristics as White Selenite but with a creative edge! The orange color brings in the energy of the sacral chakra—creative and flowing energy. It will support you by bringing a sense of peace and grounding to your space, allowing for clarity of intuition and calming of your thoughts, making room for more focused and purposeful creation in all of your work. 

Selenite provides protection from negative energy (spiritual and electromagnetic). In addition, Selenite offers tender support for learning to trust in your path and journey, releasing restlessness and fear of the unknown.

Includes – 4 orange selenites for placing in corners of the space, Palo Santo for clearing the space and selenite disc for your desk. 

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