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To ramble for a moment… I was on my way to a much-desired yoga class this morning and saw an older man walking away from a broken down older beat-up car.

He was dirty, covered in paint, and wore scraggly clothes. I don’t imagine many would notice him, and if they did, I am sure they wouldn’t have even considered stopping. Knowing he was 1.5 miles from a gas station if he knew which way to turn at the top of the exit.

I asked my angels in to protect me just in case. Went to the next exit, turned around, and headed back to help him.

I asked him his story as we drove to the gas station. He is a retired man who doesn’t make enough money on social security, so he worked day labor for 6 months at the Uhaul in High Point.

When we got to the gas station, he thanked me as if I was leaving him there.

I said, “I will wait and take you back to your car.”
“Wow, really?”

He was so appreciative and just kept repeating, “thanks for helping me. You made my day.”

When in reality, he made mine.

I was given a chance to stay in my own world busy, with my nose down and oblivious to others around me. I mean, I was taking care of what I thought I needed (yoga), but I chose to help someone in a way that society tells you is unsafe and risky.

Driving past him and pretending I had not seen him would have gotten me to yoga class, but further away from yogic principles.

I missed yoga, but found something more soothing and filling to my soul.

I wanted to give light to someone who appeared to be having a rough morning. I wanted to show them there are angels all around and that there are still good people in the world.
I found more.
So Bob, you made my day by allowing me to be someone’s angel and share my light, unplanned and spontaneous. Reminding me who I am and that there are good people who have a story and need a little light in their day.
I know I still cherish the angels I have met along the way in gratitude. Not because of who they are or specifically what they did but because they shined a light for me.

I am grateful every chance I get to see another’s light and be touched by it. I hope, Bob, that today will live in your heart and remind you there is light in the world. It will mine.