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Something is calling you, almost nagging you, but you can’t place a finger on it. 

That’s your spirit speaking to you. 

She’s asking you to slow down, listen, and allow your soul to speak, to let your heart guide you. You’ve arrived at the place in life where you’re being asked to make a conscious choice to follow your spirit.  

Something is calling you, almost nagging you, but you can’t place a finger on it. 

That’s your spirit speaking to you. 

She’s asking you to slow down, listen, and allow your soul to speak, to let your heart guide you. You’ve arrived at the place in life where you’re being asked to make a conscious choice to follow your spirit.  

Have you felt like you’re at a crossroad in your spiritual growth but uncertain which direction to go?

At the beginning of your journey, finding like-minds to connect with and ask questions can be tough. Souls you can trust to share their experience and knowledge with you. You don’t need a guru; you need a friend to support you. I would like to be your friend. And I’ve collected a few others along my own journey who I would like to introduce you to—we’ve been waiting for you!At the beginning of your journey, finding like-minds to connect with and ask questions can be tough. Souls you can trust to share their experience and knowledge with you. You don’t need a guru; you need a friend to support you. I would like to be your friend. And I’ve collected a few others along my own journey who I would like to introduce you to—we’ve been waiting for you!



The Bringing Spirituality Home Summit is full of classes, conversation, connection, movement, learning, and growing.

Each day of the summit will offer a collection of classes to help you embody the day’s topic, to help answer your questions, and to spark new ones for you.

In addition, each day will also include a variety of movement and meditation offerings.

The journey of self-discovery is a funny road. It can leave you fulfilled yet seeking more all at once. Finding one answer often sparks another three questions. We all have questions but don’t always know where to look for answers or who to ask. I have found that asking questions is one of the most expansive elements of the journey. It allows you the space to discover what resonates with you, what you want to learn more about, and what isn’t your bag of tricks.

The cool thing about spirituality is there is no one size fits all. I’ve played along my journey and sampled a bit of every modality and belief. What has stayed with me is a little bit from each book I’ve read in the last 20 years, a few nuggets of gold from the courses I’ve completed, and the empowerment to decide that others weren’t what I was looking for at the time.


I want that wisdom for you!


The Bringing Spirituality Home Summit was created as a way to build connection and understanding along the journey. I believe the journey is meant to be an adventure where we share our experience, strength, and hope with each other: no egos, no gurus, no judgment—just like-minded people sharing what we’ve learned.

It is my intention that by creating a collaboration with other healers, teachers, and seekers, we will be able to share with you the tools and insights we’ve learned along the way that will support you in bringing spirituality home—internally and externally.

The Collection of Topics

Listening to Your Soul

Being spiritual isn’t about setting goals to meditate daily, be on your yoga mat four times a week, or find a guru. Instead, spirituality is tapping into you and seeing what lights you up, guides you, and excites you. We’ll explore ways to listen to your soul, open your heart, and tune into your inner guidance.

Nurturing Your Body

With so much noise telling you what diets and exercise routines you need, it can cut you off from what your body needs and desires. The intention of Day 2 is to empower you to listen to what your body is asking for and find ways to appreciate it as the temple to your soul.

Creating Your Sacred Space 

What is sacred in your life? Your time? Your space? By creating sacred space both internally and externally, you enable yourself to let go of the clutter in your mind and home. As a result, meditation starts to make sense, and it becomes easier to follow through with your daily practice.

Building a Daily Practice that Feels Joyous

Now that you’ve created your space in your life and home, what do you want to do in that time? How do you want to fill it? What do you want to learn more about? No setting goals. It’s about exploring and finding what you enjoy and what will leave you smiling and feeling fulfilled afterward.

Understanding Energy In and Around Your Body

Energy is flowing in and around us…but it can also get stuck.There are many energy modalities and ways to move energy through your body. So many options lead to lots of questions. The conversations on Day 5 will share answers with you about the chakras, reiki, and the energetic footprint you leave everywhere you go.

Understanding and Connecting with Your Intuition

A gut feeling is more than a gut feeling. It’s your intuition speaking to you. Except all the noise of daily life with to-do lists, pressure to achieve goals, and self-chatter makes it impossible to hear your intuition unless you learn how to get out of your own way, quiet your mind, and connect.

The Bringing Spirituality Home Summit aired in September 2022 over seven days. The intention behind the summit was to create a community where like-minds could connect together through the journey to share our experience, strength, and hope.

What was created was so much more than I could have ever imagined.
While purchasing the summit now, you will receive replays of all the class offerings available through our membership site.

I believe watching the replays is much like how the vibration of OM resonates each time it is chanted with all those who have chatted it before and yet to chant. When you participate and watch recordings of the summit, you are connecting with all of us who have previously watched the summit and will participate in the future.

I welcome you to join us on the journey!


Full List Of Offerings 

Check out all that is offered through the Bringing Spirituality Home Summit! There’s movement, breath work, guided meditations, mini classes and so much more!

Building a Daily Practice that Feels Joyous

Welcome Home to Your Heart with Leslie Ellis

In this gentle yoga asana (posture) session, Leslie will guide you with breath and movement in an exploration to release neck and shoulder tension, increase mobility, and help you more fully embody the energy of your heart. Gain fluency in the language of the heart which, while sometimes subtle, will always guide you closer to what is real and true for you.


What Does it Mean to Listen to Your Soul with Cris Greer

There’s a quiet voice deep inside that is talking to you. Have you been listening? When we ignore that voice, it can become so soft we don’t even know it’s speaking. During this mini class Cris will help you begin to listen to your heart and soul again.


Inner Guidance to a Live You Love with Rajika Mahan

The 3 Steps to Connect with Your Inner Guidance include honoring your longing & discontent, seeing your vision and clear decisions.

During the mini class you will learn how to understand why longing & discontents show up. We’ll work to create a vision for the life you would absolutely LOVE and lean into the question: what would I LOVE? And discover the key ingredient to move forward towards your Vision & Dreams


Living into the Life of Your Dreams with Tracy Richards

If there is any part of your life where you are lacking fulfillment and joy, this workshop is for you! Many of us believe this life is as good as it will ever get for us, even though we want something more. This workshop provides a framework for moving from a life of resignation into the life of your dreams. You’ll learn how simple, consistent shifts in thinking and action that will change your experience.


Tapping into Your Intuition with Kristy Kilcup

Have you ever said ‘YES’ to someone and then later questioned why you just didn’t say ‘NO’?
Have you ever struggled in figuring out which direction you should follow? Should you STAY, or should you GO? This exercise is designed to help you connect with the answer that ALREADY EXISTS INSIDE OF YOU!

Building a Daily Practice

Deep Rest: Renew Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit with Restorative Yoga for Peri-Menopause with Cindi Buenzli Gertz

Learn about one of the most problematic discomforts of peri-menopause (sleep deprivation and exhaustion!) and what you can do to renew your energy. Cindi, a certified restorative yoga teacher and woman who’s had 10+ years of experience with the changes and challenges of this phase of life, will guide you, like she has countless others, to more peace, clarity, joy, and vibrancy. Enjoy a guided restorative practice that will calm your nervous system, open your heart, refresh your mind, and renew your spirit.


How your Breath relates to your Chakras, Energy Body and your Higher Self with Parm Saggu

In this talk you’re going to learn all about the layers of your consciousness, how your breath fits into the big picture and where your chakras and energy body are located. Then, you’ll learn what happens in your system when you practice breath work and be guided through a powerful practice so you can experience the power of your breath.


Living with soul – How to make soul alignment your regular lifestyle with Joanna Hennon

In this presentation, Joanna Hennon will show you what living with soul looks like on a daily basis – it’s not about doing your affirmations or visualising your big dreams! Join her to see what a soul-led, soul-aligned life is really about and how to live in this meaningful, connected, fulfilling way. You’ll learn 7 soulsmart principles that will help you stay connected to and aligned with your higher self, so that you can live the life your soul is here to live. Add these to your life and you’ll find that you’ll be living your best life sooner than you thought possible!


The Art of Coming Home – Creating a Spiritual Practice to Connect To Your Inner Light with Laura Lee

A spiritual practice is a sacred act of connection. There are many ways to practice this sacred connection, but the most sacred way is discovering and creating a practice that comes from your soul. In this way, you can tune in, receive and connect in your own divinely guided way. When you walk through your days with this kind of intentionality and divine guidance, your vision expands to see and feel a multitude of possibilities and invokes trust in yourself as you take each step. Life becomes more magical, more light pours in and moving through the hard moments becomes more easeful. You begin to see, feel and trust you are not alone, because you know you truly are divinely guided.

Understanding energy in and around your body

Insights into your Chakras with Cris Greer

How much do you know about the chakras? You may have heard of them in yoga class or during meditation. Come explore your chakras and the tools to clear and open them. We’ll chat crystals, meditation, yoga, and more.


Healing your Root Chakra through Working with Your Ancestral Lineage with Erin Hodgson

Our root chakra is the energetic centre and foundation for our sense of security, self-worth, and belonging. It is where we carry the energetic imprint of our ancestral lineage and the trauma associated with who we come from and their experiences in life. Join Erin Hodgson,  psychic medium, spiritual guide, and healer, to learn why in order to heal our root chakra, we must work intimately with our ancestral lineage.


Your Relationship with Food Through the Chakras with Estelle Coombe-Heath

Cultivating a healthy relationship with food is a spiritual journey. Learn how to make peace with food through the chakras.


Your Energetic Footprint and Why it Matters with Kelly McCarthy

We all leave a footprint so how we choose to walk makes a difference. Through awareness of our own frequency we can learn to identify, understand and harness our own energy as the spiritual beings we are while having this human experience we call life.


Reiki Empowers Us to Empower Others with Mallory Meyer

I’ll be holding a Reiki talk to simply share how Reiki works on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional body (high-level overview of the Chakras), what it can be used for, my journey and clients growth in receiving Reiki, and ending with Gassho Meditation demonstration for others to receive and take forward for their own introspection and time in meditation.

Nurturing Your Body

How to WD40 Your Joints with Yoga for Everyone with Kathy White

Join Kathy White for a simple and easy 30 minute yoga session. She teaches a yoga method which targets stiffness, pain or injury in the joints.  Kathy will help you to address the issues of a modern lifestyle and show you how the ancient practice of yoga can offer an accessible way of connecting body, mind and spirit.


Breathing with the Moon with April McMurtry

Learn how to connect your breath with the building and releasing energy that is present in the lunar cycle. Breathing with the Moon helps us calm the nervous system to access more peace, inner wisdom, and creative flow. Join April to explore beneficial ways of practicing self study (svadhyaya) in relationship with cycles.


Feeling at Home in Your Body – How cycle awareness can give you clarity and direction in life with Lisa Jara

Whether you have a menstrual cycle or cycle with the moon (e.g., in post menopause), through the practice of cycle charting you can reconnect with who you are on a deep level and experience your body as a powerful ally to guide you through any situation in life. In this mini class, you’ll learn how getting to know your own cyclical rhythm helps you feel more grounded and peaceful and truly alive.


Discover The Innate Power Of Your Human Design Authority: Rebuild Self-Trust & Feel Your Full Body YES! with Chelsea Fournier

Do you find yourself doubting your decisions, second-guessing yourself, or outsourcing your power to others? Understanding your Authority in Human Design helps you step into your authentic truth and decision-making style with confidence and self-trust. Instead of relying on your mind and reasoning to make important decisions in your life or business, let’s tap into what your body is trying to tell you, and help you experience what a full body hell yes feels like.

Sacred Space – Your Home and Body

Magical Morning Routine with Jenny Schoenmann

A Magical Morning Routine to start the day with awareness, more clarity, and energy. The routine includes yoga movements, contemplation, and morning routines to start fresh in the day.


Creating Your Sacred Space with Cris Greer

Whether you have an entire room or a small shelf in the corner, it’s important to create your sacred space with intention and love. Cris shares key elements to creating your meditation space and supportive items to create your sacred space from your front door to your bedroom. 


Coming Home to Your Spirit Team with Ryanna Battiste

Deepen your healing by inviting your Spirit Team to support, guide, and protect you. Learn who may be on your Spirit Team, and practice with me as we invite them into a sacred breathwork practice designed to help you feel the love and support you have available to you at all times throughout your healing journey.


What Chronic Symptoms Can Tell Us About Healing Ancestral Patterns with Alyssa Pfennig

When physical and emotional symptoms repeat themselves despite your best efforts, it’s time to look deeper for the root cause and path to healing. Our inner child can scream to be recognized, and sometimes the issues and patterns playing out in our lives are not even ours. Unhealed patterns of our parents, grandparents, and ancestors before us can be buried deep within our psyche and body. When we begin to recognize the patterns and work to heal ourselves, we heal our families and beyond.

Understanding and connecting with your intuition

introductionSensual Slow Flow with Alicia Ingruber

Connect to your body’s innate wisdom through mindful, sensual movement with this gentle yoga class designed to bring you in tune with your Feminine Energy. Appropriate for Beginners.


Crack Through the Layers to Access Your Intuition with Aura E. Martinez

This presentation will show you how to access your intuition by releasing what prevents you from accessing it in the first place. You will learn how to: 1. Get to a point of trust; 2. Distinguish the voice of the higher self vs. the layers; and 3. The different ways that intuition communicates to you.


Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and Shine with Jenny Ella

Discover how to tap into the gift of your intuition. Once you do, you’ll begin living your purpose naturally and become the real you, all of the time. That’s you finally being you, with passion, purpose, joy and ease. An introduction to connecting with your intuition, followed by a guided meditation to take you there.


How to Connect with Intuition and Build Unshakable Trust with Ellie Bell

During this presentation I will be sharing with you how to connect with your intuition in a way that feels authentic to you and how this can support you to build unshakable trust in yourself. I will cover what intuition is (and isn’t) and how you can start to make it the dominant voice and quieten down the ego so that when it comes to making decisions you are able to fully know what the right choice is for you.


Manifesting Secrets with Melissa Giller

If you desire ANY type of change in your life, you must master these four crucial steps in co-creating alongside the Universe. Regardless if your goals belong in the health, wealth or relationship category – they will be manifested much more quickly once you grasp how our intricate mind-body connection feeds our beliefs, feelings, actions and results in life. Combined with strategic goal setting and aligned action planning, these powerful tools are available for anyone to harness the power of this process. I’m so excited to show you how.

Bonus Mini Classes –all the things you’ve wondered about

Here’s a whole bunch of cool stuff that didn’t fit into the box but I thought you would want to learn about! There are so many modalities and options out there—find the tidbits from each one that connect to you. That’s where the beauty of spirituality comes alive!

How to Use Channeled Writing
to Enhance Your Intuition with Leanne Rose

Belly Dance as a Sacred Practice with Vanessa Nixon

Practical Magic: Tap Into the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine through Essential Oils on Acupoints with Jennie King

Reawakening To Your Divine Truth
of Living in the Mermaid Light with Stephanie Sirena

Aphrodite and Isis Archetypal Embodiment Workshop- Interweaving your Mystical Selves with Nicki Ojeda

Introduction to Tarot for Personal Growth and Development (No Card Knowledge Necessary) with Michele Bourdo

The 9 Year Cycle – What Energy Are You Working With – by Gemma-Marie Gaynor

Understanding the Psychology of the Chakras with Michelle Agopsowicz

Reconnecting With The Woman Behind The Mask – Human Design And How To Understand It with Kristen Toscano

Waking Dreams: What if you never had to forget a dream again? with Sarah Miller

Bringing Spirituality Home

7 Movement Practices * 5 Guided Meditations * 2 Breath-work Sessions * Over 25 Mini Classes

What People Are Saying

Thank you Grounding Journey for putting this together. It was and is an eclectic, talented group of healers. I look forward to having this library to continue to explore all of the classes.” ~ Jennie

 “Thank you to all the presenters, this was amazing! I’m so glad I upgraded so I can go back and watch the classes I didn’t get too and rewatch the ones that resonate at that time! Great job everyone” ~Michelle

Huge kudos and Love to Cris!

This Summit has been awesome!. The presenters all were just wonderful. Even topics I did not completely resonate with were still fabulous. And all the bonus items

that the presenters offered to us are amazing. I am so happy I upgraded as there are topics I will definitely revisit and ones I didn’t have time for or didn’t resonate with at the time I can rewatch and learn.”  ~ Maureen

I want to thank you for putting this summit together. It has been wonderful to learn from you and all the women I was able to watch. I have been inspired to try yoga classes. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Now that I’ve tried it and really enjoyed it, I plan to pursue it. ” ~ Lori