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I say it when I teach a chakra class that connecting with the intuition of your third eye chakra is more than sensing your driving too fast and should slow down only to drive a mile down the road and see a cop checking for speeders.

Connecting to third eye energy is connecting to your inner wisdom. It’s trusting yourself to ask your spirit and heart what she needs and believing the answer you feel or hear it your answer.

Trust is a practice we build and strengthen over time. Just like listening.

The best way to strengthen both the ability to trust and the ability to listen is to find silence. To create a sense of peace around you in the quiet.

I get in your everyday life with family, work, kids it’s hard to find any quiet. I recall when Kevin was younger trying to find time to shower was difficult let alone finding time to meditate. That’s where grace comes in. Grace for yourself that you’re doing the best that you can at the moment. Some days you can find peace and connection with your third eye, other day’s you can’t. Just don’t give up.

Over time of granting yourself grace you’ll find trust.

I ask you this. How many times have you set the goal to start walking every day or working out or even to get up early to meditate and then something happens… you get hit with a big project at work that has you working late, your little gets sick and you’re up all night or you’re on a good streak for a few days and then one morning you don’t have the energy.

Whatever the reason you miss a day (or don’t start the day you want to) and you negative self talk yourself all day and the next and the next and never get started? When it comes to setting a new goal, you don’t believe you’ll follow through and you start the negative conversation all over again.

Before you even start you’ve decided you’ll fail because you don’t trust yourself to follow through.

Some of this goes back to sacral chakra of desire and solar plexus chakra of will power- I have blogs on those if you haven’t read them already.

The trust though is your third eye. Granting yourself grace that you’re doing the best you can and trusting that you are.

See your soul and God, Your Higher Power, The Divine and The Universe, whomever you speak to I promise they’re all pulling for you. They don’t hold ill will for you and they know you are doing your best.

It’s your mind and ego (again that pesky solar plexus) that tell you not to trust yourself.

You and your spirit really do know what’s best for you, what you need in this life. It’s your job to ask your spirit what that is and to be quiet enough to hear what she says. That’s where clearing your third eye of gunk comes into play.

I like to get into child’s pose on my yoga mat and roll my forehead around or if I’m not on my mat I tap my third eye chakra (the spot between your eyes on your forehead) three times.

I believe this lets my soul know the next question I ask is directed at her. Then I place my hand on my heart, take a few long slow breaths and listen.

Nothing fancy. No need to meditate for an hour before asking. Just a few simple moments to open and connect.

Practice, it will be worth it.

I remember a mentor of mine Liyanna Silver, author of Feminine Genius, said in one of her workshops if you’re struggling to trust and learn to listen, start small. Sit in the quiet and ask yourself questions you know the answer to and listen to see how you receive the message.

Start by asking simple yes/no questions – such as Is my name _________? Do I have red hair? Be sure to mix it up so there are some yes answers and some no answers.

Once you get a little comfortable with that you can begin to ask yourself bigger questions such as help in getting dressed in the morning. Ask yourself should I wear a skirt today or pants. Ask what you should have for dinner, chicken or salad. They only deal is you have to do what you hear. This is how you begin to trust your inner answers and with time you will find yourself asking and listening without even thinking about it.

After years and years of practice I often feel disconnected. When in doubt I like to use crystals to support me in raising my vibration when asking my soul what I need. I like amethyst because it clears the mind and connects you to source as well as rose quartz because it opens the heart chakra and selenite because it quiets the mind and opens the crown chakra. Sometimes I really need extra help in quieting the mind, that’s why I use rose quartz to make sure my heart has a voice in the conversation. 

It’s a beautiful process that takes time and acceptance to connect with your inner wisdom. I hope that you will begin doing the work if you haven’t already. And keep returning to it every time you feel disconnected from your intuition and spirit.

If you’re interested to learn more about the color and energy of each chakra check out my podcast – Grounding Journey. It’s available on Spotify, Amazon Podcast, Apple Podcast and Youtube

I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks for being a part of my journey. I hope to be a part of yours!

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